How Good Posture Can Give You Energy

We have all experienced the computer “head nod”. Our eyes get droopy. Our shoulders relax. We drop into a light sleep. The “head nod” can be annoying (and embarrassing!) when we have piles of work to complete.

Rather than reaching for the fifth cup of coffee, improve your posture. You could get the energy boost that you need. Ergonomic furniture, such as the Coffee Shop Hero, can help you maintain good posture.

Increasing Oxygen Levels

When we are slouched, our bodies receive 30% less oxygen then when we are sitting tall. This decreases the oxygen to every organ in your body, including the brain. Without enough oxygen, you are depleting your mental functions and capacity.

Boosting Your Mood

Have you ever noticed that when you are in a good mood you have increased energy levels to make you feel light on your feet?

The theory is true. A good mood boosts your energy levels to maintain a more positive and productive work day. Improving your posture has been proven to boost your mood. According to Research Gate, people experience more positive memory recall when they sit in an erect position.

Being tired is a drag! Improve your posture and you could improve your life.