The Best Laptop Stand

coffee shop Hero is now ergotree

Our ergonomic laptop stand, handmade to improve your health.

The Coffee Shop Hero is Now ErgoTree

Created in a coffee shop, used everywhere!

The Coffee Shop Hero laptop stand is a “Patent Pending” stand designed and built to remove neck and back strain that can result from working on a laptop.

Many of us spend long hours on our laptops for work, study, or simply relaxing in a coffee shop or anywhere. By raising your laptop up to eye level you will naturally have better posture and feel alert. This portable, compact stand can be used at home, coffee shops, airports, libraries, and beyond. So sit up straighter and enjoy – your body will thank you!

Benefits of Ergonomics

Countless studies have proven that how we physically interact with our work environments has a tremendous impact on not only our physical but mental health.

About Us

I wanted a laptop stand that was simple, sexy, compact, easily portable, and I wanted it made out of wood! I decided to just make my own.