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Many of us spend long hours on our laptops for work, study, or simply relaxing in a coffee shop or anywhere.

The Coffee Shop Hero laptop stand is a “Patent Pending” stand designed and built to remove neck and back strain that can result from working on a laptop.  By raising your laptop up to eye level you will naturally have better posture and feel alert.

This portable, compact stand can be used at home, coffee shops, airports, libraries, and beyond.  So sit up straighter and enjoy – your body will thank you!

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17 reviews for Laptop / Tablet Stand
  1. Melissa Elliot

    I can’t even tell you how much better my back/neck feels after using this stand. Thank you Coffee Shop Hero!

  2. Dr. Anita Henderson

    This laptop stand is beautifully crafted. It is lightweight and smooth. As far as function goes, I couldn’t be happier. The compactness of the stand allows me take it with me everywhere I use my laptop. I feel light and bright while working at my computer now, instead of slouched over. I highly recommend the stand. Well worth the money.

  3. Sue Taylor

    This is a great laptop stand that can go easily with you wherever you go. Easy to put together and use in a number of different ways depending on what you are using, computer, iPad, etc.
    It was well thought out and is made of good Quality materials meant to last.
    Made to help us physically as well. No need to hunch over and do our work. Hard to find things made nowadays with all this in mind.
    I highly recommend the Coffee Shop Hero!!!!

  4. Tyrone Hazen

    This stand is a must if you have neck or back pain! I’ve been struggling with issues for about 10 years and regularly see a chiropractor and massage therapist to ease the discomfort. I thought it was due to old sports injuries (10 years of pole vaulting took a toll on me), but it seems as though it was really just poor posture while at my computer! Now that I use the Coffee Shop Hero, I haven’t needed adjustments or massage at all! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to help neck/upper back pain, or simply to prevent it.

  5. Max Bennett

    I am a self-employed freelancer so I can work pretty much from anywhere. The Coffee Shop Hero goes everywhere with me. It fits very easily in my backpack. It’s compact and light weight. I have had so many people come up to me at coffee shops asking about my laptop stand. It looks great and still the functionality is even better than it looks. It takes 2 seconds to setup and take down. I’m 6’2” so I need my laptop up high to be ergonomic and the Coffee Shop Hero allows for so much flexibility in height. It is by far the best laptop stand I’ve ever seen or used. Plus it’s handmade and small business owned. I intend to buy them as gifts for some of my family for Christmas.

  6. Pat (verified owner)

    I work remotely a lot and this thing is a life-saver. It keeps my neck in a better position while working so I don’t get as fatigued. It also fits easily in my messenger bag. I keep it on the “low” setting for working in coffee shops. At home, I put it on the high setting and it’s at a great height to work with my second monitor. Kyle has been wonderful in terms of answering questions and customer service. It feels good to support a local, small business as well. Thanks!

  7. Ramzi

    I’ve looked around and have found nothing as brilliant as this product. It a great computer stand, which I didn’t even know how much I needed until I used this stand and felt so much better! Clear ergonomic benefits everyone with a laptop needs! The Coffee Shop Hero is by far the most ingenuitive one on the market. Quality materials and Craftsmanship, and just looks really good. Plus it’s light and compact so I truly take it everywhere. Thanks!

  8. Juliana

    As a designer who works remotely, I’m hunched over my computer a lot and this stand has totally transformed my mobile work experience (and posture).
    I love how light, compact, and eco-friendly it is (unlike the other stand I had previously, which was super bulky and made out of heavier metal).

    I’d recommend it in a heartbeat!!! It should be an essential part of everyone’s mobile office.

  9. Dr. Bob Stalick

    I received my stand as a birthday gift after seeing one in use at the Sisters Coffiee House. It’s a wonderful invention. I can sit upright and get to reintroduce myself to a real keyboard. Thanks for making it available.

  10. (verified owner)

    As a website developer, I work on my computer for long hours. The Coffee Shop Hero helps me maintain good posture so my back does not get sore. Now, I use it almost every day!

  11. Heather A (verified owner)

    AMAZING Product for anyone who works remote or travels!

  12. Sheri Massine

    I primarily use my Coffee Shop Hero stand while working long hours on my laptop at home. Having my laptop at a better position for my neck, back and eyes noticeably helps prevent fatigue. The simple, yet elegant design makes it a pleasure to use. The design is far better than any other on the market – it’s sturdy and beautifully made.

  13. Dr. Jessica Goyke

    I take my Coffee Shop Hero stand anywhere/everywhere I use my laptop. I love that it collapses down, fits easily into my bag and it’s so light weight. The most impactful part of this stand is that it allows me to maintain an upright posture while I work, which not only feels better on my neck and shoulders but also I have prolonged productivity and energy which actually allows me to work at my computer far longer than I could before this stand. Highly recommend it!

  14. Cecilia Marques (verified owner)

    Due to neck/back problems, doctor strongly recommended to change the way I use my lap top to work. The computer stand from coffeeshophero helped me to do this change. I love my computer stand and carry with me wherever I go. Great product, great customer service!

  15. Ruben Larranaga (verified owner)

    Wow! What a great solution for anyone and everyone who works on a laptop or tablet. I had seen a flyer for Coffee Shop Hero and was thinking how nice it would be for my desk. Not a day later I ran into Kyle at our local coffee shop, he was kind enough to give me a short demo of the stand. As soon as I got back to the office I went online an purchased one. Money well spent! I’m sitting up straight and no longer have tightness in my neck and shoulders. Looking forward to taking the stand on my next trip. Also, makes for a cool gift idea!

  16. Kyle W. (verified owner)

    The stand works great getting my laptop up off my desk and to my eye-level. It is very easy to assemble and take down for travel. I’m excited to bring it on my next trip. I use it daily at work and I don’t know how I got by before without it. I definitely recommend one for anyone who uses a laptop or tablet frequently. Very happy with my purchase!

  17. Osiris Uribe

    I’m recently got one and didn’t know it would end up being something I definitely love. Inadvertently it does help my posture. Thank you guys. My neck appreciates it.

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